Images are Copyright to Amit Kumar © 2017

About Me


My photography has a unique style and spirit, which is vivid and vibrant & can be seen in wide range & subjects of my captures of over the years. My photographs reflect the elements of nature, as well as the true expressions in portraits. My environment photographs has a soul and I have tried to evoke true emotions & concerns through them. I look to capture photographs that impacts viewers and can leave a wisp of thought and the image sets in their memory.

I look to capture pictures that can speak, and bring out the emotions, expressions and characters quite truly & lively. Loves to experiment with different themes & styles of photography. My photography over the years has experimented with various themes from nature, environment, documentary, fashion, portraits, wedding, street to Night photography.

My photography of over 9 years has covered from landscape, people, portrait, environment photography with a style consisting of colorful, lively and moving imagery. I have photographed around the world and intensively all over India & Indian Himalayas.

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