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Bihar Floods

Chasing river Ganga through fishermen's eyes. These rivers are our lifelines, how can we pollute them and why our system is so insensitive & careless to protect them.

Children taking mud bath in river ganga looks so happy, feels like that real happiness is in living in peace with nature

Bihar Floods of 2013,  people continue to struggle for their basic needs year after year due to floods but governments or local administration never steps up in advance and  prepare for disaster so that they can save more lives & property.

 Floods or disasters, people always find a way to smile but still we need to build infrastructure that would be more resilient to future disasters.

 Amazing Zanskar Western Indian Himalayan Glaciers  which are threatened by our paradigm of unsustainable development & Climate change

Zanskar Glacier in Kargil District of Jammu & Kashmir, India

A Ganga Rural Ferry which does a  damn good job especially during floods in Bihar

This picture says it all that only education will liberate us but who can make it understand to our governments that instead of system of subsidies, incentives or reservations to end inequalities in society rather we need to focus more on education reforms & fine tuning of systems in place.

Feels like lost & forgotten India when you see the standard of rural education,poor infrastructure of schools or very poor quality of mid day meals in school.


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